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Sleep Deprivation

Having a new born baby means feeding approximately every 3 hours, this means disturbed sleep.

With my milk supply being low and my daughter being a sleepy baby, feeding could take between 1 to 1.5 hours with breast and bottle. I would then pump 30 minutes before feeding and 30 minutes after feeding (this is excessive and unnecessary, but this is a story for another time!). In total, feeding could take us up to 2 hours. That left me 1 hour to try and fall asleep before the next feed. This pattern continued for about 4 months.

with about 2-3 hours sleep a day and no family support I started getting clumsy and moody, as well as starting to experience memory loss, but the love for my daughter kept me going. Nevertheless the weeks all merged into one and my husband was getting the worst of my moodiness.

I am writing this post because I suspect I am not the only mum experiencing this. If you are reading this post and are currently going through sleepless nights, please know that things will get better and know that you are not alone.

Here are 4 tips that may help you through this time:

  • HELP= If anyone offers help take it, even 30 minutes to put your head down will help + this will be a great time for other family member to form a bond with you little bundle;
  • SLEEP= Try and rest while the baby sleeps. House work, cooking, visitors can wait;
  • FEEDING= Allow others to feed the baby. If you are breastfeeding consider pumping so others can feed the baby while you take a deserving nap; and
  • Middle of the night= why not let your partner take the middle of the night feed (even if it is just on Friday and Saturday), so you can have uninterrupted sleep. I realised this may not be possible for every family. In my case my husband has a deep sleep and the baby sleep wouldn’t wake him up.

if you have any other suggestions why not share it here, so other mum’s  can learn from your valuable experience.

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  1. advice from a true trooper! Caro you are such an amazing mummy, that photo of you sleeping on the chair hits the nail on the head of what having a baby or toddler is like lol. Thanks for your advice – next time around I will definitely be trying to give baby a bottle of expressed milk as to this day Harrison at 16 months is still heavily dependant on the boob and makes for some wakeful nights STILL. My other advice is co sleeping which you can do safely (if this is something you are comfortable with). But it means you can boob your baby and go back to sleep. Not for everyone – but it has saved my butt!! Looking forward to reading more of your insights to your motherhood journey xx

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