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The Essentials!

There are so many items out there that we are told we must have before baby is born. As first time parents we don’t know what we will need; so we spend hundreds of $$$ to ensure our baby(s) have it all. But the truth is that half of those items may not even ever get used.

here is a list of items I found helpful!

1) bottles with new born teats: even if you are planning to breastfeed. It will be good to have one or two in the cupboard in case you can’t breastfeed. Don’t forget the brush for washing the bottles. If you are solely bottle feeding you’ll need x5-x6 bottles, but don’t get them all at once. Wait until the baby is born to get what is more suitable for your baby!;

2) bibs and burping cloths;

3) If you are planning to breastfeed, invest in a good pump. Most women will need to pump in the first few weeks until breast feeding is sorted. Remember you can always rent this if you prefer;

4) a cot. I had a crib and a cot. The crib is useful to move the baby around, but it isn’t essential;

5) a thermometer, babies get sick often specially if you are around children that go to day care;

6) a capsule for the car;

7) a pram;

8) Clothes. x6 bodysuits, and x6 half suits. You can have less if you want, but you’ll be doing loads of washing. x2 swaddles. x2 knitted hat and x2 pair of mittens;

9) a baby monitor with a camera. I have found this super helpful. I am an anxious mum and I like to check on my baby often to make sure no blanket is covering her face or, now that she is older, to make sure that she is not fallen asleep in an awkward angle. The camera is not essential, but I love it!;

10) LOADS of nappies and wipes;

11) nail clippers; and

12) breast pads. Get some disposable until you are sure breastfeeding is for you.

Enjoy setting up the nursery, it is super exiting xx


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