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Don’t judge me or my child, until you have walked our journey!

Everywhere I look parents are been judged: for bottle feeding or breastfeeding, for being too hard on the child, for not being hard enough, because they eat too much, because they don’t eat enough. The list is endless…

Everyone has an opinion, every one has a voice, but why do we have the need to judge others? I put it down to all the miss information we have access too.

When my daughter was born and I couldn’t breast feed many people judged me for bottle feeding. That was hurt full and made me feel like a failure. Now that she is a toddler and has her tantrums I can see people judging her and me for not having control.

Being a parent is hard, we are all humans and it is impossible to get it always right. Sure we will make mistakes, but we all have our best interest at heart.

If you see me annoyed, if you see me stressed or if you see me cry, do not judge me, until you have walked my journey you will not know what I have gone through. My night might have been hard, my day even worse.

If you see my child miss behave, through a tantrum or even shouting; he/she is not always like that but at that moment he/she may be tired, hungry or even frustrated. Just because they are children, it doesn’t meant they don’t feel strongly. It is up to you as an adult to understand them. So don’t judge them until you haven’t walked their journey, you do not know what they are feeling.

To all those people that judge, your comments can be hurt full and demoralising. Neither you nor I are perfect, but we do what we can!

To all those parents that have felt judged, you have the best interest at heart for your child and that is what makes you the PERFECT parent. Mistakes, we will all make but it is how we rectify them what defines us. So please know that you are not alone. you are doing an awesome job xx

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